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One who knows her best attributes and how to subtly draw attention to them. Better described as subtle, mature, and matching her thirty three years to perfection. The chilling, matter-of-fact way the destruction of another woman was being discussed was not lost in this setting.s perfect english tone was slightly teasing. Victoria finishes speaking and sits back, re-crossing her legs.I am usually quite good at guessing ages of other women and indeed correctly guessed Petra's age as early thirties. Her tongue pushing out her lips, and a wry grin as she watches her words sink into Sabirah. And that you have absolutely her own best interests at heart always. I expanded in a short space of time and now have the clinic. I am also personally studying hypnotism, and something called auto-suggestion in association with hypnotism. Not that she needs that much looking after at sixteen. She looked through half closed eyes at her daughter, then up at the screen as Sabirahs protruding, clamped stretched tongue was dripping with drool. Every nuance of agony she was feeling was relayed through her eyes. But also the spark of the sixteen year old had been extinguished. Many many ways Stefani would suffer a journey far far worse than her mother. Stefani had pain and suffering despite the cravings her own enlarged, sensitized sexuality produced. A resentment beginning to nag at the very base of the two womens souls. Four or five, long long, nagging, brain numbing orgasms as her daughter suffered shock after shock after shock. Another fifteen minutes during which the shocks still coursed through Stefani at full blast. Stefani was in a rigid state of limpness, due to her bondage. The only fluids, either drool, or sexual discharge. Easy I guess to overlook what mother and daughter had been through. Two shrink wrapped packages of enhanced femininity bondaged. Mostly gold, all expensive and dripping from all the right bits of her person. I do know that Stefani is extremely lucky to have such an intelligent, beautiful mother as you. He put me through college and than set me up in my own practice when I got here. All a little deep, but very good for the profile of the clinic. Organizing care for Stefani whilst I was was away would be easy. But under that latex a shaped metallic plate covering the entire s still developing cervix was some kind of metal. Even in such an acute environment as this tortuous hell, there was such a thing as Petra was mumbling nothings as another set of throbs resonated through her making her wish upon wish for another orgasm. Savoring the breath like it was tainted with the taste of fear, and self loathing in Petra For fifteen minutes Petra was allowed to orgasm. Her head, her face, her mouth and tongue all held rigid in the bondage. By this time Petra was numbed with a guilt, and shame so deep it could be grief. I never actually plan to do anything so it all just mounts up. Gone forever despite Stefani The MRI image on the screen was adjusted again. But on adjusting the screen slightly via remote control, it became clear that the very tips of both intrusions were coated with a thin latex. Also down the shaft of the appendages, little metal plates running down the entire length of the shafts. Interchangeable latex, like condoms that are used then discarded. Her mouth had been rendered useless by the clamps and the stretching of her tongue. Resonated up inside her throat and then expelled itself as the severe electric shocks wracked her deeper femininity. Muscle spasms, and glowing tip beneath the ultra thin latex covering the appendages in both her vagina and anus. The anal appendage sending shocks ripping through her bowels on their journey through the girls torso, the first pangs of a deep, longer lasting orgasm was invading Petra. Every so often bending, smelling the exhaling, desperate breath of either woman. When it was at its most thickly palpable that the current was eventually switched off. However, it was time to bring this initial chat to a close. A little more ground work to complete.t you book the time off work and you can come to stay with me as my guest at the clinic for a few days. An opportunity to experience that beautiful orgasm lost. The blackness of the objects kind of enhanced the thickness of them, and the length also. The second wave making its way up through the young girl even before any noise had come from her bondaged mouth. Then came the noise.t a noise she could shape with her mouth. The vaginal intrusion, nudging her cervix and sending the shocks from it, through the cervix on its way upwards. Squirt after squirt of sexually charged, sexually produced juices. And her expression, one of pure pure contentment mixed with the agony of the bondage as her sex and anus clung and sucked on to their own respective intrusions. Her eyes flicked from mom to daughter as she just prowled on her high heels between the two.I thought maybe he felt that there were things that we needed to work, but just to say that was a jolt. I took a few days to think about it and I came back to him and said, “Let’s get some counseling.

Sliding into the quiet tables set out in little semi circular booths at the back of the bar. Another laugh, another re-cross of the legs required by both of us. If a woman spends time on her appearance it always stands up to close scrutiny. Her lips and her eyes, and her delicately high cheekbones. This had been a business meeting and she had been representing her company so her power-dressing was appropriate. They were so understanding, even when my daughter came along. The woman clad in skin tight leather and extreme heels, made any guesses or assumption very difficult.

Also, in part told through the eyes of the victim.... A single mother with a 'perfect' life, plucked from her normal, privileged world. Her complexion, pale, slightly freckled across her nose and under her eyes. A self gratification that suggested that Petra was pleased, and content with the life she had. At the same time her vaginal and anal muscles gripped and sucked and chewed on the needled appendages inside her.t been back to this particular wine bar since that delightful meeting with Petra all that time ago.

Her sexuality exploited, twisted, enhanced and used to ensure her trip down into the Vortex is one-way only. I'm a 49 year old clinical and behavioral psychologist resident in London though Arabic in origin. I must add, I am neither a Sadist, nor a Fetishist in the common misconceptions of the words. Psycho-Fetish are also labels that could apply, since deeper feminine issues are explored. Peering over the edges into the darkness where others are afraid to venture. Everything comes together into a perfect 'package'. With the addition of impossibly long legs, tapered and shaped in all the right places, Petra caught my eye immediately. She looked around now with a slight smile remembering that night and the stunning vision that was Petra. Here and now Sabirah was, once again, the impeccable, professional Dr Sabirah Najwa.

It quickly became evident to me that I couldn’t work on our relationship. We did not discuss a separation (which may have been helpful) and nor did we discuss staying together to raise our children.

I like that Kimberly and her husband discussed this as an option even though it eventually didn’t work out.

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The minutest of detail from brush stroke direction, to thickness of mascara applied. I have my own house in the country that is bought and paid for. I have exclusive use of a company penthouse when in London so.... Just a way of using her eyes and her facial expressions. Every so often, a husky, broken noise came from her mouth, that sounded like,t possible for her to make her mouth form words, as such. It would have made sense if she were calling for her mother. Her more mature statuesque body, and mind able to absorb, and comprehend what was happening to her.

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